Hi, my name is Jayme! I am a wife to my husband Cyle and a Mom to my three daughters Arabella, Aurora, & Athena! Were they named after Disney princesses? Well, the first two were but then when the third one came we kinds panicked. Wink, wink. 

 We live in Becker, Minnesota where I have been raised most of my life! We have two rescue dogs named Ez (like the rapper) and Gypsy (like Cher)!! I am much more of a candid photo taker than I am anything else! I truly love kids and feel like that is a little something extra I bring to the table. My goal is your happiness. Plain & simple.

I am extremely laid back and very silly. I love food! Any food really. Expect seafood, YUCK! I love fishing and spending time outdoors. Although I don't find myself doing those activities as much as I would like to now that I am raising a family. Totally backwards I know. I love my kids. Like SO SO SO much. But some days I kinda wish I could grab a window seat flight into Hawaii all alone! I mean that's normal, right?! LOL Or I would even settle for using the bathroom alone! I'm not high maintenance and have a hard with people who are too bougie. It's like come one get yourself!

I sometimes curse! 

I like authentic people! One of the best parts of this gig is capturing real people in real life events! Give me all the feels would ya! 

If I seem like the photographer to you! Shoot me a message!